Saturday, June 19, 2004

Park Kromlau

Wir waren Anfang Juni im Park Kromlau. Ein sehr sch├Âner Park bei weitem weniger frequentiert als Bad Muskau. Es ist sehr angenehm mit unglaublich vielen Rhododrendonb├╝schen. Man kann den Park mit der Waldeisenbahn erreichen.

Bug 239294
After two months of starring at the frame construction code, I finally got the idea that pseudo frames are nothing else than a circular ring buffer and lowest_type is the stack pointer, showing where to start to read the ring buffer. One needs these pseudo frames as not every frame can be direct child of every table frame. But there is limit how many frames one would need,
<tr> <tr> </tr> </tr> is the worst case. In this case one would need

to wrap the inner <tr> inside the outer <tr>, but never more than one complete stack of table frames. So by this it is enough to know where to start to read the frames.

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