Saturday, September 18, 2004

Gaim Bug wfm

I entered #gaim and people helped me to figure out that there is no .gaim file and this probably a localization issue. But there is a workaround by specifing the folder for the gaim info via -c at the command line. Very friendly people there, they tried to help me to get it running.

My first gaim bug

Its somehow strange when you file a bug in a foreign project. And its more strange when the project doesn't use a decent bug tracking system like bugzilla. It would the typical case of an unconfirmed bug. What really interests me is to see how they handle crap bugs now that they have a 1.0 release.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Gmail statistics

One needs to be a mathematician to see my gmail - testcase proposal as a proof for the existence of gmail invites.

The first gmail invite went out for bug 146311.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

gmail for testcases 2

Now comes the fineprint:

Layout-table has too many bugs without a correct reduced testcase. These testcase are necessary to fix a bug. No testcase → No fix.

If you create a reduced testcase for a bug in the layout-table component that has not yet a reduced testcase I will send you a gmail invite if you like. You can find here a description what a reduced testcase is . How to create these reduced testcase is also covered in these slides.

Once you have created such a testcase please attach it to the bug. Add testcase to the keywords. If you also comment in the bug about gmail I have all the information that I need to send you a gmail invite.

When searching for bugs without a testcase you will almost certainly find bugs that work for you. Please add a comment wfm <your os> <your build id> in the bug if there isn't one already.

Please use a trunk build, as there are now too many differences between branch and trunk builds.

If you have attached one testcase, you should continue because it is fun, it is helpfull for the project and if you create more than 30 nice testcases I will pay you a dinner once you are Berlin.

Monday, September 06, 2004

gmail for testcases

If you create a reduced testcase for a bug under layout-table, I will send you a gmail invite if you need one.

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