Sunday, January 15, 2006

Private Bugzilla rules

  1. Assign every regression that my checkins have caused to me.

  2. Assign every crash in table code to me.

    crash in table code

    Among the top three functions is a function from layout/tables, or it crashes inside nsCSSFrameConstructor.cpp and the function is table related

  3. Put me on CC if something asserts in table code.
  4. Put me on CC if something crashes and a table display type is involved.
  5. Put me on CC if you need advice how to fix a bug and think I should know it.
  6. Put me on CC if you think that I can fix it with a few lines, this rule only applies to Boris, David and Robert.
  7. For all other cases I read daily bugs that changed in the layout tables component.

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